Using XPS files instead of Adobe Reader

There are certain cases where XPS file can be quite handy to use instead of PDF.  I love PDF and I think it is a great tool, but there is one case where I had to restor to XPS file, that is filling out a fillable PDF file that you cannot save!

If you happen to be in this position to fill out a fillable PDF file but you can’t save it. XPS is your help. This is what you should do to save you file.

Fill your PDF file and print it (dont worry if you dont have a pinter). Select the XPS Writer in the printing device (if it is not already selected) and print. It will ask you where to store the file and by what name. Give it location and name and you are all set.

Now you can open the contents of the file using XPS Viewer. This should be installed on a latest machine but if not you can download it from Microsoft XPS Viewer



2 Responses to Using XPS files instead of Adobe Reader
  1. George Abraham says:

    If you want to save the data in PDF format itself, you can also install doPDF software that allows you to generate another PDF with the values.

  2. Ray Vasri says:

    Hi. This service here allows you to easily edit, upload or download and how to fill PDF forms.

    You can fill out PDF form, save it, fax it, and email it.

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