Upgrade SQL Server 2005 instance to 2008

Step 4.

In this step, you will be asked to agree to the agreement. Simply select the checkbox and click Next. I have skipped the dialog here. You will see this dialog which is the crux of this tutorial

SQL 2005 Instance to 2008 Upgrade

Upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2

Notice all of them have been upgrade to 2008 R2 (Version 10), only one is 2005 (Version 9). That is available in dropdown box which can be upgraded. Click Next, you will see an “Error Reporting” Dialog, “Send Server Error Reports to Microsoft or your corporate Server”. Simply leave it blank. And click Next.

This should take a minute or two to complete the upgrade. The next step is really the outcome of the last final screen.

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  1. dewi says:

    help me i need make private server i need SQL 2000

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