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Decimal value is automatically rounded off in Stimulsoft Fixed

stimulsoft automatic rounding

stimulsoft automatic rounding

I had a database field Qty which which was showing as integer in Stimulsoft MRT report but the value was actually of type double (decimal value). I played with formatting and added two decimal places to the number by right clicking the field and selecting “Text Format”. That added decimals but now the numbers were showing as 2.00, 5.00 etc. For example, 1.35 would be showing as 1.00 and 3.6 would be showing as 4.00. It turned out that I needed to change the data type in Stimulsoft SQL query.

To fix it, right click on the database field in the right side and select edit. This should popup the dialog above. Notice that the value here was int and hence rounding to x.00. Change this to decimal and the problem should be fixed. It is important that double value here may not work (may not show actually decimal numbers)!

Repro Steps

This problem actually started because the original SQL query was pulling Qty as integer which was later changed to double. After changing the field type, it needed to be updated in Stimulsoft report as well.

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