Invalid postback or callback argument ASP.NET

I got this error

I got this error because I was using a ready made html5 template. The problem was duplicate form tag used multiple times in the template. Removing that get rid of the error. To be exact my duplicate form tag was in the master page which was a bit hard to find.

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directory is already under version control SmartSVN

I was getting this error while adding my project in SmartSVN and I had no clue whatsoever *directory* is already under version control SmartSVN The reason I was getting this error was because I had select the root folder and the sub folder and choose to add the files recursively . That basically added the sub-folder two time, one time as part of recursion and a second time because it was explicated added. Simple solution is, select only the root folders and click add *recursively* or select all folder and choose to “Only Add Directory”.  The first solution worked better for me…

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