SVN path on mac

SVN is installed in


on Mac Mountain Lion. If you want to access SVN from Command prompt, edit /etc/paths file and added the above path at the end of the file.

How to add SVN path in Terminal

Issue the following command which will ask for password.
sudo nano /etc/paths

Add the SVN path (above) towards the end of the file, it should look like this


Hit Control + O to write the files (It is a nano command). Hit Ctrol + X to quit nano. Finally quit Terminal and start Terminal Again.

Paths for SVNAdmin and SVNServe

SVNAdmin and SVNServe are located in the same path as above. SmartSVN asks for these files so it can create new repository for you. You have to provide exact path that includes file names as well.

SmartSVN SVNAdmin path

SmartSVN SVNAdmin path

svnadmin: /Applications/
svnserve: /Applications/

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