SQL Select * into from

If you want to copy or backup your table in the database, use the following SQL command.

select * into newtable
from oldtable

The new table is created on the fly. You do not need to create it. A more descriptive example is below. Not that # means temporary table.

create table #table1(
id int not null primary key identity,
name varchar(15),
fav_game varchar(20)

insert into #table1 values('john','hockey')
insert into #table1 values('Kim','footbal')
insert into #table1 values('Joe','soccer')

select * from #table1

— at this point only #table1 exists
— lets say want to want to backup table1, we will use

select * into #table2
from #table1

At this point we will have #table2, which will be exactly same as table#. We can create a select query against #table2.

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