Never delete winsxs folder

The winsxs folder in your root windows directory might get quite large. This is normal and there is no need to shrink. In my fresh install its size is 8 GB. AT this point I have install Visual Studio 2013 and SQL Server 2012 + SQL Server Management Studio. This is the second day of my install.

WinsSXS Folder Windows

I learned the hard way after I forcefully deleted contents of WinSXS folder which lead to windows corruption and all sort of errors. So to be clear, never delete files inside WinSXS file, which can easily lead to software corruption. In my case Visual Studio got corrupted, SQL Server wont start, when window has it problem where dialog were not displaying properly and eventually when I turned of Windows, it won’t restart :(

After all my winsxs folder was only 11GB which was not that large considering my freshly installed windows has 8GB WinSxS folder. Hope this will help somebody.