How to update Obi200

Obi200 software has been updated in 2016 and because of which your obi will no work, even though there will be dial tone but call will not go through. To update follow the following steps

On obi phone dial ***6, it will tell you that software is available, hang up for software update. Simply hang up.

Pick up your obi200 phone after some 15 min and it should now work!


To find IP of your obi, dial ***1. Then you can type that IP in browser and enter default password of admin/admin to login into Obi dashboard.


cannot find stored procedure SQL Server

I was creating a stored procedure on my live server and was constantly getting the error message “Cannot find stored procedure” no matter how many times i created the same stored procedure on the server. Worse if I would create the same procedure again, I would get error, the object already exists.

Found out that I was not using dbo.StoredProcedure with the stored procedure name, that is schema was missing. So remember on live server, using dbo (schema) can make a big difference esp if your site is being hosted on a shared host like mine.

Lesson learned, dbo is important with the stored procedure name!

Visual Studio 2015 stuck at Windows Update KB2999226

I had installed Visual Studio 2005 community version on a Windows laptop before and it went all good but this time when I installed it on macbook pro (Windows 7), it got stuck the Windows Update KB2999226. I waited for hours but it wont go pass it other. In a previous attempt it gave me a failed messsage on KB2999226 as well. I did some online digging and found this post which solved me problem. It basically says

  1. Download KB2999226 from here
  2. Install it manually, it might take 10 minute or so
  3. Once it is installed start your Visual Studio 2015 installation

While my installation has gone pass the above error but now I am getting stuck at hotfix for Windows (KB2664826). I hope my installation goes fine.

Reasons why the rumoured specs of macbook 2016 could be wrong

Cult of Mac has published rumored pics of macbook pro 2016 that should top view, front and side views. The rumoured specs are

  • It will have OLED touch panel for function keys
  • Will have 4 USB-C ports (no standard USB

The rumors are circling all major mac sites some even stating that OLED touch keys can be a no no for mac users. Here I will argue why these rumors could be false.


How to access TableAdaptors in XSD

You have created XSD file that has table and TableAdaptor. Now you want to access data in your C# code. You have to use Table DataSetTableAdapters namespace to access these adaptors. Example

This method works in Visual Studio 2013. In earlier version you have to use their respective namespace. This tip is particularly helpful if you are following this Microsoft Tutorial about DAL which give me trouble because I could not access the XSD file. Turned out the way it is accessed has changed in Visual Studio.

Virtual Machine will not start, not enough memory

The exact error was

Free at least 422 MB on the physical hard disk that stores the “My Boot Camp” virtual machine and try again.

The error was thrown when I started Windows on Mac which was install as virtual machine on Parallels.

This KB Byte pretty much addresses it which means free up some space on you MAC drive (not windows as you might think)

But it needs some explanation

1. hysical hard disk that stores the “My Boot Camp” => your physical drive that is mac os X drive

2. The error is somewhat misleading because I did have some 6GB free space on mac drive but it still complained about not enough space and 422 MB which was in correct. Basically I further deleted 1.5 GB of files and Parallels started properly.

Also not that initially I though it was the Windows drive that it was complaining about but it it has only some 40MB free space but that was not the problem.

HP P2015 drivers Windows 10

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer

When I upgraded to Windows 10, all of sudden my HP P2015n LaserJet Printer was not working. In fact it was not even being detected. Worse it was not even shown in the printer list. I tried installing different HP Printers (other than 2015)but they did not work, at least in first or second try.

Now I turned off my printer and turn it on and it automatically printed test pages “Windows Printer Test Page” without me even opening any application. It says your HP Laserjet 1320 PCL 5 is installed correctly. While my printer is not HP 1320 at least it works!

In the the driver list it says “Universal Printer Drivers PCL 6”. It actually even says P2015 in the driver list.

I did download some drivers which I don’t know the site from, at least it is fixed now.

Too much recursion – Firefox

I was getting “too much recursion” in firefox console by using this simple string

string_a  = string_a + $row['name'];

Found out that in JavaScript you can not concat string forever eventually it will give you “too much recursion”.

After experimenting with  it I found that the “too much recursion” is thrown at 180th loop. So if you have 179 result, it should not through error.

I also tested the same code in Safari on Mac and the behavior is exactly the same. It throws error at 180 recursion, however the error it throws is different. In case of Safari the following error is thrown

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.

Hope it helps somebody!