Stimulsoft Tutorials

Stimulsoft Report Multiple Queries with different Parameters

Lets say I have two queries in my stimulsoft (.mrt) report.

In Stimulsoft Report for this to work correct, Query1 which takes 3 arguments must come first than Query2, for the report to work correct. You can move Query (DataSource) up and own by selecting the query first and the click up and own arrow at the top.

How to troubleshoot your Stimulsoft Report

The most common scenario that you will have to troubleshoot is are parameters passed correctly the queries? To do that simply drag all parameters from the queries on to the report area, one in each line and then print the report. See which value is not passed or has incorrect value.

Remove unwanted Columns, data, text from Stimulsoft

It happens that out of a blue a new column appears in the report or some text that is hidden under some control and appears only in the report and not in the design. What I found works in such case is drag the control and while it is being dragged, see what is underneath it. Another thing I found use, is change page size, this give you more area to look at. You might find controls that you can see in your regular pagelayout, once you spot it, remove it and change your layout back to your regular page size. I had a couple of reports that I had to clean this way.