Error Occured while saving attendance to database Hanvon FACEID Manager

tis error when polling

Today our HR department got this error when they started polling Attendance in Hanvon FaceID Manager

Error Occurred while saving attendance to database Hanvon FACEID Manager

To find out why really the Hanvon is spitting out this error and not saving the records, I have to look at the Windonw NT Logs. To look at Windows NT logs, start SQL Server Management Studio, connect to your local SQL Server, then go to Management > SQL Server Logs. Select the log that start with “the current” and click view log. ON the left side, there is bunch of software you can select/deselect to filter the logs. Selects only Windows NT and deselect the rest. There was this error

Error Description:Invalid argument. Insert Into Attendance (MachineID,PinNumber,AttendanceDateTime,Status,MachineName,AttendanceDate,AttendanceTime,AttendancePhoto) Values(01,’7309′,’17-Aug-2015 14:19:07 PM’,’01’,’mydb’,’17-Aug-2015′,’02:19 PM’,@AttendancePhoto)

Access DB has gone Corrupted (once again)

After looking around on google, I found that the error was because Access Database has gone corrupted. For this to fix, click the round button in Access > Access Options > Current database and check

Compact on close.

compact on close

This might take quite a bit. Just leave it running for some time (I left it at end of the day). After it is done, start Hanvon FaceID Manager and start polling, it should work as in my case.

If there is still some problem, you might have to look for the corrupted data that is causing the problem and have to delete it manually (slightly dangerous route).


I got the above error once again in a different scenario. In this case had I moved .dbm file to a different location and hence the above err. After looking at SQL Server Log (Hanvon), I was getting this error

Error Description:ExecuteNonQuery requires an open and available Connection. The connection’s current state is closed. Insert Into Tlog

I resolved this one after I copy the file back to its original location.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! You should update your Media Player Immediately

save nnet - seaorchu-newwutab

If your browser (esp Firefox) randomly redirects to some strange url and display this message “IMPORTANT UPDATE! You should update your Media Player Immediately”, it is likely either the website your accessing is not safe or you have a virus on your system that does the redirect. The redirect does not takes place to the same site or URL, it always goes to a different url.

I have installed a number of anti viruses and anti malware software but they could not help, although some were better than others. Malewarebytetes that I previously relied on heaveily failed this time and has not been upto the mark. Well turns out, you have to remove these virus manually!! Yes manually!

You literally have to hunt for these software on your system. The best way is

  1. Go to control panel and Uninstall software. Click the installed date column header so everything is sorted by installed date, the latest being on top.
  2. Go throgh the entire list and look for possible culprits. The programs usually would have weird names. In my case the two culprits were “sAve nnet” and “SeaorCChu-Neewutab”.

As soon as I clicked on these to uninstall, a popup came up saying I do have proper permission (which I should have as I am the administrator on my system). My antivirus 360 Total Security, poped up the dialog alerting my about the virus. In the second attempt they were removed and hopefully my system will be ok.



Stimulsoft Report Multiple Queries with different Parameters

Lets say I have two queries in my stimulsoft (.mrt) report.

In Stimulsoft Report for this to work correct, Query1 which takes 3 arguments must come first than Query2, for the report to work correct. You can move Query (DataSource) up and own by selecting the query first and the click up and own arrow at the top.

How to troubleshoot your Stimulsoft Report

The most common scenario that you will have to troubleshoot is are parameters passed correctly the queries? To do that simply drag all parameters from the queries on to the report area, one in each line and then print the report. See which value is not passed or has incorrect value.

Remove unwanted Columns, data, text from Stimulsoft

It happens that out of a blue a new column appears in the report or some text that is hidden under some control and appears only in the report and not in the design. What I found works in such case is drag the control and while it is being dragged, see what is underneath it. Another thing I found use, is change page size, this give you more area to look at. You might find controls that you can see in your regular pagelayout, once you spot it, remove it and change your layout back to your regular page size. I had a couple of reports that I had to clean this way.

It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition=’MachineToApplication’ beyond application level

Scott Michell wrote an excellent article about the above error explaining exactly why are you getting this error. Basically you are opening the parent folder of a project in Visual Studio and you get this error. Since web.config in this case is in sub folder, you get this error.

A little Explanation

There can be more than one web.conf files in your application. They can be all in root or in sub folders as in nested form. The root web.conf can contain almost all elements but that that are nested in sub folders may not contain certain elements. This error is about this scenario.


Lets say you have project in this folder


If you open myfirstapp in Visual Studio you will get the above error. To resolve reopen the project and select main as your project.

MySQL Database not staring on Mac (XAMPP)

MySQL Database not starting

MySQL Database not starting

When you start manager-osx and start all services (Apache, MySQL, ProFTPD), you might notice MySQL database fails to start. Here is how to fix it on Mac

  1. Go to spotlight in the top right corner, bring up Activity Monitor by typing “activity”
  2. Type SQL in the top right search box. It will show a process called “mysqld”
  3. Hightlight this process and click x icon to stop it.

Restart mysql in manager-osx and it should start.

Screenshot 2014-07-02 12.27.00

directory is already under version control SmartSVN

Directory already under version control - smartSVN error

Directory already under version control – smartSVN error

I was getting this error while adding my project in SmartSVN and I had no clue whatsoever

*directory* is already under version control SmartSVN

The reason I was getting this error was because I had select the root folder and the sub folder and choose to add the files recursively . That basically added the sub-folder two time, one time as part of recursion and a second time because it was explicated added.

Simple solution is, select only the root folders and click add *recursively* or select all folder and choose to “Only Add Directory”.  The first solution worked better for me btw. Hope this helps someone.

SmartSVN Add files recursively

SmartSVN Add files recursively

javascript changes does not take effect in

I have this problem where I changed javascript and when I looked at the generated code, the change would not appear! Where is the problem?

1. Empty cache and then refresh page should fix the problem. Or simply hit Ctrl+ Shift+R in FF or Ctrl+F5 in IE should updated the page with the latest server contents.

2. You are probably editing the wrong file. Can happen if the same project exists in two different location. Your editing in a wrong project and not seeing the results!

3. The IIS server is pointing to the wrong project. You recently or a while ago moved the code and changed the IIS directory but you forgot to update the project directory for this project.

The above should hopefully resolve your problem. In my case it was #3 that was causing the problem.

The above solution should work if you are looking for
Code Changes not taking effect
ASP.NET code change does not take effect

Error loading player: Offline playback not supported : JWPlayer

Funny I did not get this error on my local html file with jw player, but when I copied it to another server, I got this error. I copied the whole directory so there wasn’t anything missing. I coped that directory (from Server) back to may local computer in a different folder, and I am again getting this error. This is quite strange.

specified cast is not valid linq

The error

specified cast is not valid linq

can come from the fact the column types do not match between the class and the name attribute of that class.

Example : NorthWnd Database

The territories table in NorthWnd database has three field

TerritoryID nvarchar(20)
TerritoryDescription nchar(50)
RegionID int

If you map this to LINQ using the following class mapping

[Table(Name = "Territories")]
        public class Territory
            public int TerritoryID; # error is here. In DB this field is nvarchar
            public string TerritoryDescription;
            public int RegionID;

Change int TerritoryID to String will fix the problem.