Temporarily suspend T-mobile prepaid Plan

If you have plans to go abroad and want to temporarily suspend your T-mobile prepaid plan (not a prepaid card but a prepaid plan), you can suspend it (or hold it) for 30 days without loosing your balance. You must activate your phone with 30 days (or 29) to reclaim your balance and phone number though. If you don’t do it, your balance will be lost. Your phone number cannot be guaranteed as well after the 30 days.

Just call T-Mobile at 1-800-T-MOBILE (1-800-866-2453) and let them know you want to suspend your phone. You have to call within 29 and 27 days to reactivate your phone.

I got this information for myself from T-mobile customer service. Thought it might be helpful to others to save some money.

online timesheet

I was searching for free online time sheets but could not find a good one. The following is a reasonable free online timesheet that does the job pretty well. It is somewhat buggy but otherwise does the job very well. The nice features that I like is, it creates PDF copy of your weekly timesheet  that your supervisor can sign so you do not have to do anything. It does all the calculations for you as well as create a printable copy, which is nice. Hope this helps.

Should I upgrade from D5100 to D5200

Snapsort comparison of D5100 vs D5200

Some significant advantages of D5200 over D5100 is

9 cross type focus points over 1 point
39 focus points over 9
5 frame per second continuous shoot over 4 fps
24 Mega Pixcel True resolution vs 16 Mega Pixel
Better and more friendly navigation menu

Of course there are other minor improvements as well that might well make huge differences to a pro, but I myself am a beginner. I will review this question from a beginner point of view. While testing Nikon D5200, I noticed the click is much nicer than the click on D5100. That might be an attraction to many people and I believe it makes big difference in user experience. The D5200 however lags in the same ways as D5100 that in live mode, there is significant gap between pressing the shutter and the picture being. This was something I was hoping would be fixed in the new release but it is not.

Overall I am very happy with my Nikon D5100. Although D5200 is sexy in many ways, keeping the price and looking at the overall satisfaction with my camera, I am not yet tempted to upgrade, at lease for now. What is your opinion?

Check the price comparison below. Listed prices for both the camera is $800.

D5100 ($596 at the time of review. About $200 off)
Nikon D5100 16.2MP Camera with kit Lens

D5200 ($796 at the time of review. Almost full price, no savings)
Nikon D5200 24.1 MP with Kit Lense

Auto body shop refuse to give repair quote without seeing insurance estimate

This was very funny to me. My car was rear ended. The rear bumper was gone and the one tail light was gone also. I got an estimate from the insurance to repair my car. I went to one Auto body shop and asked for estimate. The first thing they asked, is insurance involved? I said yes. They said they have to see the insurance quote to give me correct estimate. They said sometime the insurance list used body parts in quote and can neglect inner damage etc. Well I did not get any quote. So I went to another Auto Body shop and asked for my car to be fixed. They refused to fix it and even did not give rough quotes because they have to see the quote from the insurance. They said it can be a lot more than what they estimated.

The funny thing is the car was right in front of them. It was perfectly drivable car. They could see the rear bumper gone and one tail light damaged, but they couldn’t trust their own judgement how much it would cost to repair. Not even a rough estimate. They instead insisted it could cost a lot more than what the insurance estimated. To me this was a clear fraud that Auto Repair body shops do. I do not blame them entirely but in this case, the car was right in front of them and they did not even give a rough estimate!

Quite interesting! Text messages Spam

I clicked one the Market app on my android on my freshly installed Droid phone, I was wondering if it was the same same old Market Icon to the same market but an older interface. It took me to AppFires

I did not really know it is really the same old market or something new. It asked me my mobile number which was a little weird. I entered it and then I realized it was not really the official Android market. I have been getting junk text messages from

Click the link to install GSN Casino. Your jackpot could be waiting


What is the top App? Reply MORE 4 answer. Appfires 4 apps 5 alt/mo …

I thought this is really obnoxious to sent text message on phone while it does cost money! The message have stopped after two days and I only received 4 message in total, but just wanted to Warn about which does sent junk text messages.

How to unsubscribe from Appfire

Visit Unsubscribe Page, enter your phone number and click Cancel Service.

Unfortunately you cannot do it using text message that I am aware of.

Groupon Goods Scam

My wife sent me a link for a Groupon Goods Deal for an iPad Cover which was selling for $19 (actual value $100) that is 81% off. I had bought from Groupon Goods before and I knew Groupon Goods has one big competitor that is So I quickly checked the price for same item on and found the same deal at a better price, cheaper than group goods. Looking at Groupong Good, who sold more than 5000 of these, I would have jumped on this deal myself

Groupon Goods Deal

Groupon Goods vs

Groupon Goods Deal for iPad cover Deal



Notice that Groupon Goods has sold 5,000 of them in just a couple of days. Amazon could have never beat this ( I am assuming). If you knew there is better deal on Amazon and probably (most likely) quicker shipment + you get to view the revews, Amazon price is a lot better. Of course it is not touted as deal. It is just a regular price.


Moral of the Story: When buying a deal from Group goods,  check prices at first!

This article was published with good intentions of saving you money rather than saying any bad things about Groupon Goods