Monthly Archives: February 2017

security code is not valid – Apple ID

I encountered this error “Security code is not valid” when I tried to login into to update my credit card info. The security code was reference to the 3 digit code at the back of the credit card.


Re-Type the credit card number and then save will fix the problem (hopefully) as in my case.

So what was the bug

I think what is buggy is if you select a previous credit card which had expired and want to update only expiration date etc, it will give this error. Simply do not select the previously loaded cards and start with enter new numbers. Hope it fixes the problem.

convincing stories that ghost exists

The following are convincing stories that ghost exist. It left no doubt in my mind that certain souls have died have not really left us completely. It also shows that once they are communicated (without any proper…), they will go away and vanish for ever.

Smell of Death in Room 12

There was something odd about room 12, esp the smell of death that was comming from it…