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HP P2015 drivers Windows 10

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer

When I upgraded to Windows 10, all of sudden my HP P2015n LaserJet Printer was not working. In fact it was not even being detected. Worse it was not even shown in the printer list. I tried installing different HP Printers (other than 2015)but they did not work, at least in first or second try.

Now I turned off my printer and turn it on and it automatically printed test pages “Windows Printer Test Page” without me even opening any application. It says your HP Laserjet 1320 PCL 5 is installed correctly. While my printer is not HP 1320 at least it works!

In the the driver list it says “Universal Printer Drivers PCL 6”. It actually even says P2015 in the driver list.

I did download some drivers which I don’t know the site from, at least it is fixed now.

Too much recursion – Firefox

I was getting “too much recursion” in firefox console by using this simple string

string_a  = string_a + $row['name'];

Found out that in JavaScript you can not concat string forever eventually it will give you “too much recursion”.

After experimenting with  it I found that the “too much recursion” is thrown at 180th loop. So if you have 179 result, it should not through error.

I also tested the same code in Safari on Mac and the behavior is exactly the same. It throws error at 180 recursion, however the error it throws is different. In case of Safari the following error is thrown

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.

Hope it helps somebody!