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fake china TV karkhano market

There are abudance of samsung and sony LED TV’s available in karkhano market Peshawar. Some of your may already that most of these (not all) are actually replica. It is hard to find which one is original and which is not, the difference is usually in price, but there are a couple of things that will tell you signs of fake china tv (samsung or sony). Most seller do sell them as “made in china”, they are generally pretty good and almost as good as original but there sound quality is not good at all. Here is how to distinguish a fake samsung TV vs original.

1. Fake tv has ports on left side, original has on right side (facing the tv from front)
2. power cable is seperate (detacheble) from original TV, they are permanently fixed with “made in china” tv
3. Original TV has guanine semi transparent stick on back, made in china tv usually have cheap white sticker on back. Some of them may have cleaner stick, indicating a “higher” quality made in china.
4. Made in china tv as below average sound quality with no beats or heaviness. Original samsung tv has sound that one can actually enjoy.
5. Made in china are usually smart tv with Android OS.
6. Made in chana TV packes may be misleading. A 42″ TV may actually be 40″ but are sold as 42. They do not come with exact dimensions as 39.5. Genuine tv does come with exact dimensions in the book.

obi network status ip address not available

If you get a tone in obi phone but when you dial you get this message

“network status ip address not available”

the problem may likely be that your obi is disconnected from your router as was in my case. Somebody moved the router and the cable got loose.

You can login on, after login click the status of your obi. If it is not green or has an error, proceed accordingly.