Monthly Archives: July 2015

Error Code 11004: Host not found (Firefox Only)

If you get this error in Firefox only and not in Chrome or Internet Explorer, the chances are you are using a proxy server and you need to enter these as exceptions in Options > Advance > Network > Setting

When you click on Setting, enter “” in “No Proxy for” without quotes.

How to Install Laravel

This tutorial shows how to install laravel. It is a a two step easy process.

1. First Install composer, I went with Windows Install option (instead of command prompt)

2.Then install Laravel and all its dependencies from command prompt. You will have to do this for every project rather than install once and be done with it. If you want to install Laravel on C:\test project, you would  issue the following command from c:\ prompt. It will create test folder by itself.

composer create-project laravel/laravel test --prefer-dist

Following is the complete log of my particular installation

How to remove horizontal separator in MailChimp Template

If you added horizontal separator in your template and then saved it, it might be trouble removing or deleting it. The backspace will not remove the horizontal separator (HR line). The trick is

  1. Insert a line before the HR line if no prior line exists
  2. Similarly insert a line after the HR line
  3. Select the first line and the second line so that it encompasses the HR line. Then delete.

This is just not intuitive and can give trouble to some users, hence documenting here.