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Ghostly Activities that are not really Ghosts

The following are couple of activities are are ghostly in nature but are not actually ghosts. If this happen to you when it is middle of the night and you are home alone, you will probably freak out to death and run. But these are actually not ghosts. I am sure some of these you have seen in ghost stories.

Moving Pad Lock

I lock the padlock that we use to lock the main gate at night. After a minute or two, I noticed the pad lock was moving back and forth. That was really freaking any ghostly. But since I was not not home alone, I did not scare that much (it did scare me though). Since I lock the door only less than a minute ago, I figured it was just because of that. Later I analyzed that lock and noticed that it will oscillate for about 5 minutes or so once you move.

Ghostly scenario could be, there was a wind or somebody touched it etc that cause it to oscillate at night and that makes a perfect ghostly activity.

Running Water of Tab

If this happened to you at night and you heard bout ghost in that room, you will probably freak out. But it happened to me that tab water continues without any human interaction. This happened in the day. If you close the tab, at one point it starts to flow automatically (may be loosens up by itself). Again this would be perfect ghosts at night but during day, it just make sense! Tighten the knob :)

Moving things when you opened the door

Just happened to me. I open a kitchen cabinet and suddenly saw something moving (plastic wrapping). I got really scared first but was not home alone so I did try again. On the second try I found the reason for the movement. When I opened the door suddenly, it disturbed air inside the cabinet which cause the movement of plastic wrap. If I was home alone, I probably would get really really scared.

Facts about home Lizards

These are facts about home lizards that I have found through my personnel experience. We have a little bit of Lizard problem and tried various way to get rid of them. Here is my experience (fun facts about Lizard)

Each Lizard has their own home

Each lizard lives in its own little hole or hiding place. There is where it goes to rest. We have some that hide in air conditioner cage, others behind curtains, other in bathroom. Some behind tube light. All has their own distinct home.

Lizard are easy to kill

Some people think, lizards are hard to kill but hat is not true. If one ground it can be easily killed with shoe or a stick. It may require a couple of hits but are easily killed.

Lizard tale can be easily cut off

If hit with something, lizard tail can easily fall off. This does not affect the performance of the lizard. They still can crawl easily.

Lizard can be dead and still clung to the wall

I hit a lizard with an air gun pallet(no. 1 size). One time it got hit and was stuck to the wall. It dies but still sticked with the wall.

Lizards can be killed with air gun pallets

Air gun pallets (size 1) are good enough to kill a lizard. If hit it will most likely fall to the ground. The lizard will not be able to crawl properly and may be stuck in its place. Eventually it may craw but will die of its wounds in a day or two , most likely on ground itself. If hit on head, it will die on the spot.

Lizards have memory

Since they have homes, the most likely have memory. In my experience if I hit a lizard and it surveyed somehow (narrow mis may be), it remember me when I get out. It would immediatly hide behind something when it seems me. IF it is a new lizard, it will not hide from me. I had this one lizard who tail fell off because I hit her with pallet. I always scrambles and hides itself when I go out. If I have air gun with me, a lizard may recognize it and hide right way (if it was already shot by an air gun).

Lizard Breeding Season

Lizard breeding season starts in June (in Pakistan). There are a lot of little lizards in my house right now. They are easier to kill but it is better to spray around the house before that if possible. Will be more affective to stop new Lizards. Lizards lays eggs where they hide usually in some holes or hiding place.

MySQL Database not staring on Mac (XAMPP)

MySQL Database not starting

MySQL Database not starting

When you start manager-osx and start all services (Apache, MySQL, ProFTPD), you might notice MySQL database fails to start. Here is how to fix it on Mac

  1. Go to spotlight in the top right corner, bring up Activity Monitor by typing “activity”
  2. Type SQL in the top right search box. It will show a process called “mysqld”
  3. Hightlight this process and click x icon to stop it.

Restart mysql in manager-osx and it should start.

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Hours Calculator JavaScript based

Simple Hours Calculator with history

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