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How to fix colors on Macbook pro Display

Caliberate Macbook Screen

Caliberate Macbook Screen

I had this problem recently. My macbook pro laptop display all of sudden has bad display. It was basically not showing full colors. The colors were as if it were 16 bit or something, although I did not change the setting myself.

What cause the display malfunction

I found that when my macbook pro was running on battery and the battery was about to run down (only %5 left). If you switch of you macbook pro, the chances it when you start it using AC Adaptor, its display would be messed up. This happened to my early 2011 macbook pro (13″).

How to fix it

First run calibration of the screen by going to System Preferences -> Display -> Color (TAB). Here chose Calibrate. Just follow the steps by clicking Next on each screen.

If this does not fix the problem, you may have to reset NVPR RAM. You can do that by holding Alt+Option+P+R option while you are restarting your mac. This will be a beep and the computer will restart again.


If you reset NVRAM and you have Parallels Installed as well, it will mess up your dual boot system. You won’t be able to login into the System. To temporarily fix that, you have to hold option key when the laptop is restarting. This will show up the Windows OS option you have on the system. Simply select Mac OS and you should be able to boot.

Windows Service Template for Visual Studio 2013 [Download]

Windows Service Project template is not supplied with Visual Studio 2013 Express versions. They can simply be exported from Professional Version of Visual Studio and then copied into Express version. I have done so using Visual Studio 2013. Download and copy it in

/Documents/Visual Studio 2013/Templates/Project Templates/

It needs to be in the zip format.
Windows Service Template for Visual Studio 2013

Cannot Add Wireless Network on Mac using System Preferences

Wifi Network in System Preference on Mac

Wifi Network in System Preference on Mac

I had this issue. I accidentally deleted my wireless network from my mac (I was trying to delete a VPN Connection to fix another issue), what happened aft wards were 4 hours of troubleshooting trying to add the wireless network back (but it won’t). Every time I selected to add the wireless network, the dialog popups up, I select WIFI and click ok and nothing happens. The wifi icon in top bar had a cross on it. I could not connect to my WIFI and could not work. I tried quite a number of solution that were listed on other sites but there was no solid help. Finally I found the solution, which is really easy and might save someone day and even mine (if I forget).


The solution is a little bit hidden. The problem lies in the fact that one of your device in the left column has wifi interface selected which in fact is not a wifi device (thunderbolt e.g).

To fix,  start with the top most in the list and see which one is the culprit. Select the gear icon at the bottom.

Gear Icon

Gear Icon

Scroll down in the popup list where it says “Manager Virtual Interfaces”. Select this, this will popup another dialog.




Screenshot 2014-06-12 21.38.51

In this dialog select the *Pen* icon next to + and -.

Screenshot 2014-06-12 21.39.07

In the next dialog (and final one), you will see a list of interfaces such as Wifi, Ethernet and thunderbolt.
Screenshot 2014-06-12 21.39.20

In my case Wifi and Thunderbolt both were selected for the Thunderbolt connection which caused the problem. Simply de-select the wifi icon if it is not Wifi connection and click ok. Now Add the Wifi Network, it should work fine.

How to create a startup

I am actually a man of ideas. I have created several starups mostly by myself alone. They did not thrive a bit! I thought I will share my experience who to create a startup and thrive?

You have an idea

This is the most important step. You have an idea and you want to pursue in it. You think this can turn into a successful business model. You are committed to it and dedicated to give time to the project. If none of the above, it will likely fail.

Run the idea across friends

Ok you believe in your own idea. What about other people? Are they buying into it. Did you run it across potential partners, what do they think. Do they think it is completely flop and may be it can implement or may be it is a great idea. This is a crucial step. When it is your own idea and you have to approve it, the chances are you decision may not be the best to approve to disapprove it. Run it across potential partners.

Finance the project

This is really important. Dod you spend your own money into it. If you you you likely will end up loosing you money and time. From my experience, it is best to get a partner and finance the project. It has sever big advantages.

1. Your idea and business model is review by someone other than you and they approve it.
2. Someone is willing to invest money into it that means the product has *likely* a solid base.
3. You are more committed to it because you answerable to the investors.
4. You work as part of team. As they say 1 and 1 makes 11. You are much better of succeeding in the project than working on it all alone.
5. You focus on one particular domain, while you partners focus on others. That makes you more productive.

Commit and Execute the Project

Now that you have money and product which was approved by your pears, you are much more committed and will to take what ever it takes to complete the project or prototype if it is not already built. It is a good idea to have a prototype ready to get feel of the product.

Some help Tips

Do not go for 100% share. That will usually hold you back. You need a partner who give you valuable feedback, whom you are answerable in certain ways. Having a 100% share is usually a loss. Try to have at least 51% share if you are the key player in the product and it is your own idea and your own investment.

As a side note, I need to leaner from the above advice as well :)