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Get Offline Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy S3 Android with Pictures

Getting Offline google maps on Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android) has changed. It used to be a left click on the left soft button and select the option “Make the map available offline”. The new way in latest Android is different.

Offline Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy S3

Screenshot_2013-11-27-19-39-00 Screenshot_2013-11-27-19-39-18

Steps get Offline Maps on Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. Type the name of the city and do a search. You will get the city map.
  2. Clear the city search name and click in the area. A drop down box will appear (with suggestions).
  3. The very last option will be a link that says, Make the map available offline. Hit that button and the map with all zoom levels will be available offline.


Fix HDMI Port Flicker Problem

Fix HDMI Flicker Problem

Fix HDMI Port Flicker Problem

You might get flicker on HDMI port. The picture on extended monitor is OK, then it goes black, then it come again and so forth. At times, it display OK for a long time, at other times it flickers to much and is too annoying.

How to fix it?

On Windows PC, right click on desktop, select Screen Resolution, select Monitor 2 ( the extended monitor),  make sure the resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 (recommended). Click Advance Setting link. In this window click Monitor Tab, select refresh rate to 59. That should hopefully fix the flicker problem.

How to delete Job

The following two has the same effect. The job will be removed/unscheduled/deleted.

Your must first get the Schedular instance.

scheduler = schedFact.GetScheduler();

Unschedule the Job (basically removes the trigger and hence the job)
scheduler.UnscheduleJob(new TriggerKey("Job1Trigger", "Group1"));

Remove the trigger as well as the job.
scheduler.DeleteJob(new JobKey("Job1", "Group1"));

Both has the same effect. The syntax is actually incorrect on site where they are missing the new operator.

TunnelBlick Tutorial – Unlock youtube

Tunnelblick (a macintosh VPN client) does not work out of the box. When you install it creates a folder called “”. This directory is suppose to contain the configuration file. You can use OpenVPN configuration files or tunnelblick configuration file in this folder. But even if you do, Tunnelblick will still not work. Here are the manual steps that you need to do to configure a openVPN in Tunnelblick.

  1. Rename the folder, yes it does not need to be with the same name.
  2. Add extension .tblk to this folder. This is important.
  3. Copy openVPN configuration file into this folder. You can use OpenVPN from or any other sit you prefer. Note that copy only one file in this folder. Copying multiples files will result in error later during installation.
  4. Double click this folder (with the name .tblk) to install. This will successfully install tunnelblick.

Now you can go to the tunnelblick icon and connect, it takes about 30 second to connect. The icon changes to a tunnel with light in it.

When connected, it will look like this (when you hover over the icon)Tunnelblick

Tunnelblick connected mac

Tunnelblick connected mac

HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found. Wrong IP Binding

site pinding404 error is thrown if the request is not valid or the resource/page does not exist. If you access the same resource via a remote client, you might get the following error

Do not troubleshoot remote access first unless you have already fixed local access. The problem in my case was wrong binding. You can bind IP/domain to the host name right inside IIS configuration.

Fix Binding in IIS

  1. Fire up IIS (I am using IIS 7.5).
  2. On the right side, select binding. Binding dialog pops up.
  3. In the dialog box select the line that contains domain name and binding iformation then click “Browse”  button. You can immediatly locate you problem if it says incorrect domain. Note that “Browse” button is more helping then just typing the same url in the browser. It provides a more though error message if there is one. This is just one of the way you may get “HTTP Error 404. Not Found”. There may be other reason which I have not covered here.

Set Binding in IIS


Chosen path is in the exclusion list

chosen path is in exclusion list

chosen path is in exclusion list

If you get the above error in “Photos Duplicate Cleaner” for mac, chances are the folder you selected in in the ignore list. Probably you selected one of the folder on Volume and volume (external drive) is automatically included in ignore list. The easiest fix remove all locations in ignore directories by going to preferences and then select – button repeatedly. Select your folder, this time you should get no error. At this point you might find why you were getting this error. Once done simply click restore default.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 12.09.48 AM

The ignore list is actually quite useful in itself. It will not look into ignore directories. Good to add some safe locations in ignore list such as Application folder.