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Do not upgrade to Mavericks if you are using your macbook for remote desktop

I upgraded my macbook pro from Moutain lion to Mavericks the other day and it wasn’t as as smooth as I was expected. If you are using your mac for remote desktop for work, I would suggest to hold off until all compatible software properly arrive. You might end up with the following issues

Stable NetExtender is not available

I have download a demo version but that is not as stable as on my Mountain Lion. I never had disconnecting issues for hours. Now I does disconnect every now an then. Better to have a stable connection for work environment.

Remote Desktop Keeps Crashing

It crashes at the beginning. Usually takes 2 to 3 attempts to connect to the computer. It used connect with the first attempt!

Parallels Desktop will be broken

This is big draw back. Parallels desktop will not longer work with Mavericks. If you had the latest version of Parallels 8, it will work but not if you had installed it a while ago. This will create a big pain. You will no longer have access to Window Environment. For further embarrassment, Parallels 9 did not work for me, even I could not get the trial version working.

Copy and Past in not seamless

Copy and past from Remote desktop is not seamless. You copy stuff and it is not copied over. You have to repeat it a couple of times to get it working. Not productive.

Dock on remote desktop is not worth it

I was excited about this issue. Well it did not work that great for me. It even crated problems! How? with the dock you also see menu bar at the top that *won’t go away*. This took precious space on my second monitor. Not only that I could not move my window since my window title was in exact same area as the menu bar. It did not provide any major advantage. Not worth upgrading for it, at least for now.

Thunderbolt in Mavericks has some stability issues

Although these has been fixed in a subsequent update.

Find IP of domain Name

You might want the IP address of a domain name so you can put that in your local host file. A very easy way is to use ping command in command prompt



PING ( 56 data bytes

64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=248 time=408.454 ms

64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=248 time=328.405 ms

The IP address is in red. Works in both Windows and Mac.

javascript changes does not take effect in

I have this problem where I changed javascript and when I looked at the generated code, the change would not appear! Where is the problem?

1. Empty cache and then refresh page should fix the problem. Or simply hit Ctrl+ Shift+R in FF or Ctrl+F5 in IE should updated the page with the latest server contents.

2. You are probably editing the wrong file. Can happen if the same project exists in two different location. Your editing in a wrong project and not seeing the results!

3. The IIS server is pointing to the wrong project. You recently or a while ago moved the code and changed the IIS directory but you forgot to update the project directory for this project.

The above should hopefully resolve your problem. In my case it was #3 that was causing the problem.

The above solution should work if you are looking for
Code Changes not taking effect
ASP.NET code change does not take effect

Unblock youtube in Pakistan

There are proxy web servers available to unblock youtube and other such sites but they don’t work so well. Youtube can be unblock by using Open VPN. It is completely free. Youtube load with all its comment and proper layout and with pretty good speed! Here is how

Note that this tutorial is for Mac (Macintoch) but can be used for Windows based computers.

1. Go to Select Open VPN tab
2. Download any one bundle as you prefer. You will load them later in Open VPN Client
3. Download Tunnelblick, an open source OpenVPN client* and load Open VPN files by first selecting “I have configuration files” and then “Open VPN file”. You have to copy the files the configuration folder that tunnelblick creates for you in desktop. I have had problem with this, read more here

Alternatively you can download Viscosity, another Open VPN client but this one is paid version (free for 30 days). After installing go to preferences, then click the + sign at the bottom to select individual open VPN file. Load all four one by one. Then select anyone that you want to use when you click on the icon in top menu. At this point it will ask for username and password. Supply the following (copied from

Username: vpnbook
Password: tac6CHen

As a last step go to whatismyipaddress and notice that your IP has changed.

Go to youtube and notice it loads pretty quickly :)

403 – Forbidden: Access is denied. remote client only

If you are getting

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.

on remote client and could not get rid of the error after fixing all the permissions, the chances are you are accessing the wrong project.

If you try to access host computer via IP address, it will point to the default site by default, not the site you want it to point to. For example

# host file www.my_remote_site

and you try to access


It may point to the default site in case you have more than one site setup. To troubleshoot that point to the exact file and see what error you get.

for exmaple ww.my_remote_site/index.htm

may say

 HTTP 404 - Resource not found

This confirms that you are working on the wring site. The site the hostname point to is a different site (probably the default site) rather than what you think.

How to Resolve the problem

So the question is, if you have multiple sites setup in IIS, how can you map to any particular site using hostname mapping? After all all of them has the same IP (Although you can give them different IPs).

Go to IIS > Select the site that you want to access
Selecting Binding (while the site is selected), you will come across this dialog

HostName to Website for Remote Client

HostName to Website for Remote Client

Notice the red circle. If this is empty, write your website name. For example

When you map to the remote computer IP adddress, IIS will automatically call this particular site. That is it will not call default site. Default site will be called if it does not find the match to, which was exactly the case above.

This particular post will be helpful if you need more help.

Fix Cell Phone Battery Charging

There might be various techniques that tells how to recharge/increase life of battery. I am not going into that. I am going to teach a tutorial about how to revive a nearly dead cellphone battery. Or how to to fix a battery that is not charging properly as in my case.

Samsung Battery


I did not use my T-Mobil phone for about 4 months now. My cell phone battery (samsung Galaxy S) had a very long battery life. Now it it show wrong charge, and dies with 5 minutes or so.

How to Fix Cell Phone Battery

I used the procedure from youtube video, that demonstrates to fix cell phone battery with the help of USB cable and a computer.


1. You have USB cable, cut it at one end.Take the four wires out. Remove the mech which is used for shielding if present.

Fix Cellphone Battery Charging

2. You only need the Red (+) and the Black(-) wires out of the four. Cut the other two.

3. Take your cell phone battery. Locate + and – pins. There will be only two. If your cell phone battery has many strips, the chances are only the end ones are + and -.

4. Connect Red (+) to Positive terminal and Black(-) to negative terminal with the help of the tap. You can use one piece of tap or two, what ever works best for you.

5. with everything secured, plug the USB into computer. Leave it for 12~15 min. Once out the battery should be fully charge.

Note that the get hot during this process which is OK as is told.

My Result

I follow the above procedure. After charge it via USB for 15 minutes, my cell phone now shows about 20% charge (which I am happy with because before it would show 60% and I know that was wrong). But my cell phone still died about 5 minutes of use. That means it is not fixed yet. Also my battery did not get hot during the process.

I will run it the second time and see if anything changes.

jQuery Trim does not work on Multiple Lines

If you have string where first line is space and there is text in second line, jquery Trim will return empty string.


[this line is empty]

To make it work, first replace all spaces using regex and then apply trim.



Notice regular expression replace(/\s{2,}/g,”)

This will trim all spaces, especially empty lines. Then the trim() funcation will return correct length.

Help was taken from this answer on Stack overflow

How to read long text in sql server

Sometime you might want to read the entire text in a particular table column. If you execute the command

select longColumn from MyTable

You will see that you can only read the first 50 characters are so. If you are doing this in SQL Server Management studio, simply right click on the column or cell and select copy. Then past is word or any text editor of your choice. It quite easy but can some give you trouble.