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Assign database user to Login Name

If you have migrated your database, it is likely that the user will not be functional or cannot login. In this case, create a new login on Server Level and issue the following stored procedure to attached database user to login name.

Sp_change_users_login @Action= 'Update_One', @UserNamePattern= 'UserName',

@LoginName= 'LoginName' 

Reference : Add Database User to Login Name – Microsoft

Amazon Alternative for Books :: is a great place for selling your used and new books. If you are a student and trying to sell your used books online, you will notice the Amazon charges 15 % commission. That means for $100 book, Amazon keep $15. There is a cheap alternative called the charges only 6.5% commission. covers all campuses in United States. When you sell your book, select your own campus. Another student can contact your directly. You can choose to exchange book in person. There is no fee for that.

Amazon Alternative for books
Sell your books on your own campus

wp code plugin

The is plugin for WordPress that lets you put formatted code in your blog. Install the plugin by unzipping the zipped file to root\wp-content\plugins\ folder. You are ready to go. Go to Plugins Menu and click active in front of “WP Code Plugin”. This plugin is dependent on two sites

1. Prettify SQL
The above links lets you format your SQL code (SQL only).

2. C# Code Formatter
The above link lets you format C#/VB/t-sql/html code in html format.


Lets say you want to insert sql code snippet into your blog. The code snippet is “SELECT firstname,lastname, course from student_tbl”. Copy this query in sql formatter, click “Format SQL” Button. Go to the bottom section where it says “Following html code can be used in website”. Click on “Copy HTML to clipboard”. Now put the copied code in pre block in your block, the result will be the following


SELECT firstname,

FROM   student_tbl 

C# Query

How to run basic query in C# and ASP.NET

Connect to the database, execute query command and collect row data in datareader object. Retrieve data from datareader.

Read about this on Microsoft

Adsense Appeal Violation – Contact Page

This was hard to find for me. If your site is blocked by google adsense and you have got an email (or may be not) that your site is violating the agreement, you can appeal it by submitting the form below. Note: Appeal only if you have change or fixed something.

Google Contact Page for Adsense