Monthly Archives: January 2013

IIS not serving static pages but serve ASP.NET page

I run into this for the second time and it took quite a bit to resolve it again. The situation is: ISS is serving ASP.NET pages fine but it does not serve static files such as htm. It also does not load images (with plain htm controls not server controls). I ran into this on IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2.

I came across a solution which basically says enable static contents in IIS but that did not resolve it for me.
I also looked into MIME type, in IIS, for .htm,.html and .jpg to make sure they were listed as part of static file contents. The problem still existed.
Lastly I also make sure “Network Service” user the permission to the folder. I even enable to full permission, that did not resolve the problem.
At the end I added “everyone” user to the folder and gave it read permission and the pages started serving!

This is weird that you have to give permission to two different users in order to serve ASP.NET pages and plain html pages. I know that Microsoft cares about security but isn’t there a decent solution where you can serve asp and html pages without giving everyone user to the folder. Isn’t that a security risk.

I would like to know a proper solution.

Auto body shop refuse to give repair quote without seeing insurance estimate

This was very funny to me. My car was rear ended. The rear bumper was gone and the one tail light was gone also. I got an estimate from the insurance to repair my car. I went to one Auto body shop and asked for estimate. The first thing they asked, is insurance involved? I said yes. They said they have to see the insurance quote to give me correct estimate. They said sometime the insurance list used body parts in quote and can neglect inner damage etc. Well I did not get any quote. So I went to another Auto Body shop and asked for my car to be fixed. They refused to fix it and even did not give rough quotes because they have to see the quote from the insurance. They said it can be a lot more than what they estimated.

The funny thing is the car was right in front of them. It was perfectly drivable car. They could see the rear bumper gone and one tail light damaged, but they couldn’t trust their own judgement how much it would cost to repair. Not even a rough estimate. They instead insisted it could cost a lot more than what the insurance estimated. To me this was a clear fraud that Auto Repair body shops do. I do not blame them entirely but in this case, the car was right in front of them and they did not even give a rough estimate!

Quite interesting!