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double click to copy

In software development esp testing, you need to copy and past a lot of stuff. There is a firefox Addon that makes your life a lot easier.

  1. You simply select the text (that you want to copy)
  2. You hold doen the left mouse button for a little fractio of a second
  3. The text gets copies to the clippoard. You do not need to right click -> select copy. This is really fast and useful.

    You must install the FireFox Addon for Double Click Copy.. The add on is called ClickCutter

Universal Printer Driver from HP

You can install HP Universable printer driver that works for any printer (not just HP). The beauty of it is that it can install network printers which may not be instally the regular way (using Add Printer and Find). To install

Download Instructions

1. Go to this link
2. Download the the first link in the first pink table or you can download the other links from that table too.

Install Instructions

1. To install just double click on the file. It will first unzip the files and will automatically start installation.
2. When asked for which type of installation, choose the second option (Dynamic). The first choice did not work for me.

It will take a few minutes to install. At this point Finish button will be inactive. When everything is installed successfully it will show the message and Finish button will be activated. Click finish now.

Configure Your Network printer

1. Go to “control panel” > “Printer and Faxes” by click start then control panel.
2. Find the newly created printer “HP Universal Printer PLC6”. Right click on it and select “Printing Preference”
3. Underneath “Find Printer” section, select “Enter Printer Address”. Now enter your printer IP address in the box and let it identify and install the printer for you.

After this is install, you can make a test copy. Open word and issue a printout of. Make sure you change the printer to “HP Universal Printing” before printing. If you would like to set this as default. Right click on the HP Universal Printing icon in “Printer and Faxes” and select default printer.

Note: In my case, the printer could not be installed using Add Printer Wizard. Network does not detect the IP if I use “arp -a” command in command prompt. But this drive still is able to pick it up by manually entering the IP of the machine. The IP can usually be checked be going into the setting of the printer and finding the IP address.

Adding Ajax to ASP.NET Visual Studio 2008

Ajax functionality for ASP.NET can be added by downloading and installing Ajax Toolkit. It is in the form a a DLL that needs to be added to every project, where you intend to use it. It is supplied by Microsoft but rather mainted as open source project where everyone can help, including Microsoft. As a result, you can also download the code and compile it yourself.

Note that there are different version of AjaxToolKit which goes with different version of .NET. Visual Studio 2008 supports only upto .NET 3.5 while Visual Studio 2010 supports the latest and greatest version. Visual Studio 2011 is also in beta and currently not released yet.

To install go CodePlex site and select the correction version that you need. Here is the screenshot that I see

Select if you are using Visual Studio 2008, otherwise the top version.

Next step is to add it to your project. Open your project. Go to toolbox. Click anywhere empty and and select Add Tab

Give it a name “Ajax Controls” or anything you would like.

Last Unzip the that you downloaded. Preferrebly unzip into the bin folder of your project. After unzip, drage AjaxControlToolkit.dll and drop it onto the new tab you just created. All of the controls that exist in the toolbox will be available in your application.

test code

  1.         protected void GridView2_RowCreated(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
  2.         {
  3.             int m = e.Row.Cells.Count;
  4.             if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.Footer)
  5.             {
  6.                 for (int i = m  1; i >= 1; i–)
  7.                 {
  8.                     e.Row.Cells.RemoveAt(i);
  9.                 }
  11.                 e.Row.Cells[0].ColumnSpan = m;
  12.                 e.Row.Cells[0].Style.Add(“text-align”, “center”);
  13.                 e.Row.Cells[0].Text=“<a style=\”text-align:center;\” href=\”updateContactIDs.asp\”>Update Contact</a>”;
  14.             }  
  15.         }

One combined footer in GridView – ASP.NET

This link explains how to display the footer of a Gridview as one large cell rather than every cell has its own footer. I tried this solution but it did not work for me. I tweaked it and posted the correct one that worked for me.

Before you can actually use this code, make sure your set the Show Gridview property to true in Properties windows.

  1. Select your GridView, go to properties window, click on the lighting icon. Double click on the “RowCreated” event. It will create one if it is not already there and will directly take you there. If there was already one it will simply take you there.
  2. This should be the code in this new event

The advantage of the above code is

  1. It works
  2. It centers your text (link) in the middle of footer. You can add more styles if you like.


Transpose in Excel 2007

You can convert rows in column and column in rows in Excel pretty easy using past special. However it did not work for me. I was copying my tables from SQL Server and paste special would not give me any option to use any of the paste special option. In fact the dialog would be blank.

This occurred because I was copying from outside Excel. To use past special and transpose functionality, you will past the contents the regular way. Once it is in Excel, select the contents again and when you click paste special now, the dialog will show. Simply click transpose and it rows will be converted into column and columns into rows.

SQL Select * into from

If you want to copy or backup your table in the database, use the following SQL command.

select * into newtable
from oldtable

The new table is created on the fly. You do not need to create it. A more descriptive example is below. Not that # means temporary table.

create table #table1(
id int not null primary key identity,
name varchar(15),
fav_game varchar(20)

insert into #table1 values('john','hockey')
insert into #table1 values('Kim','footbal')
insert into #table1 values('Joe','soccer')

select * from #table1

— at this point only #table1 exists
— lets say want to want to backup table1, we will use

select * into #table2
from #table1

At this point we will have #table2, which will be exactly same as table#. We can create a select query against #table2.

Programmers Stackoverflow Off-topic Moderation

The programmers.stackoverflow Faq talks about this

Ok My question was closed as off topic and I agree it fail the above. The question is, are there other question which are not closed as off-topic but failed the above test? You decide.

1. Explain to a non-technical manager that the tool he chose isn’t apt

Accepted Answer :

down vote accepted

Simply send an e-mail to the tech support of the product: “How should I do task Y using your tool?”

Maybe you’ll be surprised, maybe your manager…

Hmm, does this question fits to workplace issues or algorithm? The answer talks about which algorithm?

2. Manager keeps changing requirement specification after every demo.

Accepted Answer :

down vote accepted

The short version:


The somewhat longer version:

If the manager doesn’t know how to run a project, and if the senior goes along with it, then you have next to no chance of fixing things.

In order to manage software projects, a manager does need to understand something about software. If managers don’t, they need to learn first. What are your chances you could persuade your management and your senior(s) that they got it all wrong? What are the chances you will teach them something?

I have been in a similar situation once (only there was no senior). I quit after a terrible year, and never looked back (except in disgust).

Work issue or algorithm, testing, software architecture, quality assurance?

3.How do you explain NP-Completeness/Unsolvability to a non-technical supervisor?

4.How to Deal with an out of touch “Project manager”

5.How do you explain the complexity of bulk emailing to a manager?

These are just a few that I picked. The actual number is of course very large?Can someone point out these questions are of technical nature and valid according to the Faq?

Troubleshooting Apache (XAMPP)

If Apache does not start and it used to work before, the most likely culprit is windows update. It probably did something and now Apache is not starting. To trouble shoot, follow these methods.

1. Right click on Taskbar then task manager

2. Click on Process tab and Find any instance of Apache that is running

3. Close this instance and wait a moment, if another instance appears, close that one too.

4. Now in Program Files->Apache Friends->Xampp->Control Panel, click start Apache. It probably will work.

5. If this does not solve the problem, click on the check box next to Apache saying “Svc” (Service) and restart the PC. This usually works.

6. If your windows update had damaged Apache installation to a greater extent, you may need to reinstall the XAMPP altogether.